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What Would Happen If Dogs Ruled the World?

What Would Happen If Dogs Ruled the World?

Ever wondered what would happen if our friendly canine friends ruled the world? Us too! And, honestly, given how loyal, fun-loving, caring, and full of energy dogs are, we think that the world could be a much better place.

Here’s what we would expect if dogs were to take over.

Endless Supply of Balls

Every dog (and human, if they wanted to) would be able to play with tennis balls whenever they wanted. So that’s playtime before breakfast, all through the day and before bed – balls are even allowed to be played with in the house; there would be no end to ball time. In fact, tennis balls are a means of payment for when we need to buy dog treats, so having a steady supply is much needed in this new dog-led world.

Treats on Demand

By and large, dogs get given treats after they’ve learned a new trick, behaved or just a special treat when owners feel like it. But if dogs were in charge, delicious dog treats would come in a steady flow and from an easy-to-use dispenser that pooches can use to get themselves a snack when they feel like it.

Gone are the times where pups helplessly watch their owners enjoy a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack – now we all get treats. All the time! And because dogs would likely increase play time outside, we wouldn’t all gain weight from the extra treats. Now that is something we can get on board with!

Banish Long Working Hours

The long-standing routine of working 9-5 with a commute either side is long gone with dogs reigning. They don’t want us to be out of the house and away from them for most of the day, so they would abolish humans having to work so we can stay at home all day and dish out extra belly rubs.

Actually, that doesn’t sound too bad.

Sleeping on the Bed

There’s a high chance that your dog already sleeps on your bed with you – even if you said that would ever happen. But if they don’t already, dogs would for sure put human-bed-sleeping high on their agenda. And if you’ve not experienced your dog sleeping on your bed yet, then prepare yourself for them taking up most of the space, most of the blanket and most of the cuddles from your other half. The morning snuggles are well worth it though!

No More Vets

A lot of dogs don’t like going to the vet so with dogs in charge, vet visits are no-more. But, as this is a world where anything is pawsible, dogs’ health would remain intact even without the need for a vet, so our pooches remain healthy and happy.

Take Life Less Seriously

Something we can all learn from dogs is to take life a little less seriously and enjoy the simpler and slower pace that life can offer. Dogs are happiest when they’re relaxed at home and don’t want for much (except that endless supply of balls and treats!). They’d teach us how to stop working so hard, to enjoy life’s simple pleasures and taking joy in having our best friends by our side no matter what. Most of us do this already, but a dog can really teach us to take it to the next level of happiness.

Fireworks Would be Outlawed

One of the most difficult times of the year for dogs (in the UK at least) is Firework Night. Dogs are terrified of the loud bangs and sudden flashes and it sees thousands of dogs up and down the country terrified on, and the surrounding days of, November 5th. You can read more about the impact on dogs due to fireworks in our previous article.

If dogs were in charge, you’d be sent to paw-prison for setting off fireworks and selling them will be made illegal.

As dog lovers, we fully support the banning of fireworks. In fact, we’re big supporters of all the new ways of life if dogs were in charge. Maybe we’re on to something here!

The World Would Be a Better Place

Frankly, the world would be much better if we adapted a dog’s way of life.

We wouldn’t be in work, instead we would be at home giving our canine best friends belly rubs, we’d be even more joyful at going for a walk and learn to slow down and take life’s simple moments in.

Come to think of it, a dog-ruled world sounds much like the lockdown restrictions…


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