Adios Compostable dog poo bags


Compostable dog poo bags  & 1% of all sales goes to charities helping clean up our Oceans! 

Say goodbye to plastic dog poo bags & keep the ocean smiling. 

These are Fantastic Poo Bags Made from Cornstarch!

These compostable dog poo bags are certified compostable and biodegradable. The organic material of these dog poo bags means that they will naturally break down into the environment and serve as food to be consumed by microorganisms, amazing hey?!

Why Corn Starch?

Cornstarch is a natural sustainable material which can successfully be composted at home within 3-6 months. What this means it that our bags are both compostable & biodegradable, certified to the highest standards for both HOME composting and Industrial composting.

 How are they different?

Their dog poo bags leave no microplastics behind. What this means is that, unlike conventional plastic poo bags, their bags will completely break-down. They are certified HOME compostable to the highest standards. 


  • 15 bags to a roll (4 rolls in a pack)
  • Thickest dog poop bags on the market
  • Packaging made in the UK from FSC cardboard
  • 1% of all sales goes to charities helping clean up our Oceans
  • Available in Grey or Pink
  • Extra large 13 x 9 inches

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